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Value-Focused Enterprises

Patients and purchasers are asking practices to create more value. AmpliPHY offers a unique and comprehensive set of tools and resources which will convert your practice into a Value-Focused Enterprise that appeals to all of the practice's customers: Patients, Providers, Staff, and Payers. A Value-Focused Enterprise is a primary care led physician practice that improves the quality of care, expands patient access and increases physician compensation. For Payers and employers, the Value-Focused Enterprise simply translates to better care and lower costs. For Patients, the Value-Focused Enterprise means being cared for by a team, having a champion to help navigate through the healthcare system, and confidence that the care team is focused on the patient's own goals for health and well-being.

To create a Value-Focused Enterprise, Physician leadership and AmpliPHY will carefully assess current operations, cultural environment, market conditions and population demographics. From this analysis a comprehensive business plan is developed in cooperation with leadership that will guide the deployment of AmpliPHY's Core Strategies.

The creation of a Value-Focused Enterprise involves:

  • Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH +)
  • Payer Contracting
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Specialist Integration
  • Urgent Care
  • High Risk Medical Home
  • Extender Deployment

Our practice management model has been proven to increase the quality of care, improve provider, staff and patient satisfaction, and substantially increase physician compensation.

The AmpliPHY Practice Model will turn your practice into a Value-Focused Enterprise.

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