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Specialist Integration

Healthcare is a "Group Project" requiring primary care and specialist physicians to work together for the greater good of the patient. In order for primary care physicians to be successful, they must learn to engage specialist as more than simply downstream vendors.

Today's market offers no economic incentives to support this type of collaboration between physicians. Primary care physician and specialist can coordinate care, but they must find a way to overcome barriers in the current reimbursement model. AmpliPHY provides physicians a business model that strips away these barriers and allows both primary care and specialist practices to prosper by integrating clinically and financially. AmpliPHY will work on behalf of your practice to establish Clinical Care Contracts with the specialist community, which becomes the structural foundation for care coordination.

Additionally, the specialities will become engaged in financial integration, where they will join the practice as part-time employees, or in some cases, as professional service contractors. This arrangement is necessary in order to position the specialist as a direct referral source and to ensure a financially beneficial partnership for both. The specialist integration plan has a proven performance of increasing revenue and improving patient care when implemented under the direction of AmpliPHY.

AmpliPHY can assist primary care physicians and specialist practices to prosper through clinical and financial integration.

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