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Payer Contracting

In today's healthcare world one of the most daunting challenges for a practice is navigating Payer Contracting! AmpliPHY can offer guidance and resources to any practice facing this challenge. Health plans talk about paying for value, but they know very little about how to create value. AmpliPHY presents the practice to payers as the value leader to increase reimbursement. We use proprietary analysis algorithms that allow a validated economic comparison of virtually any payment methodology. The analysis tools available through AmpliPHY give practices a clear advantage at the negotiating table and enable the practice to create significant increases in reimbursement rates.

AmpliPHY's core services for Payer Contracting are:

  • Develop a Payer Contracting Strategy focusing on all payers
  • Construct a Reimbursement Analysis standardizing the effective rate from each payer
  • Create a Fee Schedule Analyzer that compares proposed rates on a volume adjusted basis
  • Setting a Pricing Policy that sets target rates for each payer, penetration rates for government payers and suggests charges and discount rates for all other payers
  • Create a Negotiation Plan for each payer that sets target rates, builds a discussion plan, assembles supporting data, and details contingency strategies

AmpliPHY can actually negotiate the contracts for a practice based on the Reimbursement Analysis and Payer Contracting Strategy custom designed for the practice. We have negotiated millions of dollars in rate improvements for our clients. We have never had a client that did not realize at least $15,000 in improvement per physician. Often results are substantially more.

The difference created by AmpliPHY is that we start with the data
and let it tell us what to ask for and how to convince the payers of what payment rates should be.

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