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Decision Support Products

AmpliPHY helps bring together support, tools, knowledge and proven success
to help practices achieve transformation around Revenue, Clinical Processes and Data Management.

Product Names/Product Descriptions:

Cash Flow Projection
Using an automated data feed, the practice receives a weekly report predicting when payments will be received for charges generated in the prior week. The report provides a projection of cash flow for the practice.

This routine (monthly) report compares the Allowed payment amount (including patient portion) to the Contracted rate. The difference is expressed in real dollars, percent of charges and percent of Medicare. The report has full drill down capability to the CPT level and can be filtered by Payer, Location or Provider.

This point-in-time analysis estimates the current collectible value of all receivables over 30, 60, 90, and 120 days. This report has full drill down capability and can be filtered by payer and provider.

Billing Effectiveness Analysis
This report measures the Gross Collections Ratio, Net Collections Ratio and the following time cycles: service to charge, charge to invoice, invoice to remit and remit to payment. This product includes a free Incentive Program Modeling calculation for billing systems that use performance statistics to manage or reward employees.

Provider Activity Analysis
Each provider in a practice receives a weekly or monthly report showing multiple measures of activity. Typical Key Performance Indicators are: Visits, Encounters, Total RVUs, Work RVUs, and a series of ratios which observe changes in intensity and severity.

Fee Schedule Analyzer
This Fee Schedule Analyzer measures a proposed fee schedule on a volume adjusted and standardized basis to estimate the impact of a fee schedule. The Fee Schedule Analyzer is built and customized to the needs of the practice. The analyzer allows drill down capability to the CPT level and can be filtered by payer and provider.

Service Margin Analysis
This analysis compares the volume and net rates of each service and service group/class to average cost, allowing for the calculation of margin contribution for each service. This analysis has full drill down capability and can be filtered by provider and payer.

Reimbursement Analysis Package
This analysis compares the net reimbursement rates for each payer on volume adjusted and standardized basis. The analysis includes a graph depicting each major payer on two axis, Rate and Volume. Cost and Commercial Minimum are calculated to assist with comparisons between payers. Target rates and walk away rates can be calculated from this analysis.

Payer Contracting Strategy Development
This consulting service uses the Reimbursement Analysis to build a suggested Payer Contracting Strategy for the practice. The report includes target rates for each payer, a suggested work order, identification of leverage points and calculation of fallback and walk-away trigger points.

AmpliPHY's Decision Support Services can be the start to add value to any practice.

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