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Clinical Transformation

Clinical transformation is necessary in converting a practice into one that delivers improved value to the marketplace, establishes the practice as the clinical leader of the market, and increases prosperity and professional satisfaction for all of the practices' providers.

In order to achieve clinical transformation a practice must redesign how they provide care. The clinical transformation is comprehensive in scope and permeates deep into the culture of the practice. Clinically transformed practices find staff are more efficient, daily operations run more smoothly, patients are healthier and have better outcomes, physicians and staff treat patients as a team and everyone is more satisfied professionally.

An essential element in achieving the improved care and lower costs is putting the right systems and processes in place consistently across the entire practice. AmpliPHY provides tools, resources and support to help practices reduce variation in clinical processes, resulting in better quality and lower costs.

Clinical Transformation involves:

  • Process Improvement applied to clinical processes
  • Evidenced Based Guidelines to support patient care
  • Personalize Care Plans to improve outcomes
  • Team Based Care centered around the patient
  • Care Management Protocols that improve efficiency and close gaps in care
  • Clinical Coordination with other providers focused on the patient's goals

AmpliPHY is ready to help your practice transform clinically
and profit in both "fee for service" and "fee for quality" reimbursement environments.

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