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Accountable Care Organization

An Accountable Care Organization is a contractual vehicle between providers and Medicare which rewards a provider group for improving quality and cost savings. The biggest payer of all is the Federal Government. Through the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) CMS is offering the opportunity to share in the gain share by reducing cost for Medicare patients. When appropriate, AmpliPHY will help practices apply for the participation and successfully operate an ACO in the MSSP. Under a multi-year management contract AmpliPHY deploys resources, collects data, provides information, deploys capital, and brings the services, know-how, and support for your organization to succeed as an ACO.

Medicaid ACOs: Every state in the union is struggling to gain control over spiralling Medicaid costs. To capture this opportunity many Medicaid focused payers have developed around the country. In those markets, AmpliPHY partner practices will be well positioned to generate substantial improvements in cost performance and quality outcomes. AmpliPHY will assist those practices in contracting with Medicaid payers to earn enhanced payment arrangements with minimal operating and underwriting risk.

Commercial ACOs: With the rise of governmental ACOs and the change in healthcare toward pay for performance, many practices are searching to find a way to be attractive to all payers. However, not all practices may have the opportunity to be a part of an MSSP ACO but are looking to earn more by contracting with commercial payers, as a commercial ACO. Practices often see the opportunity but have no way of actually implementing the necessary steps to become a successful ACO. AmpliPHY will assist those forward-thinking practices by offering the same strategy and resources as those used by successful Medicare ACOs. AmpliPHY can help you find, contract with, and succeed in value-based contracts with all types of payers.

AmpliPHY Successes: From the beginning of the MSSP ACO program, AmpliPHY has written seven successful ACO applications. Two Advanced Payment ACOs are currently under the leadership of an AmpliPHY management contract. One of these ACOs created a first performance year shared savings payment of over $137,000 per primary care physician, after fees paid to AmpliPHY and other costs.

Your practice can be a part of the new wave in healthcare initiatives
by creating an Accountable Care Organization.

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