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AmpliPHY partners with practices to prosper in a Value-Focused market. Primary Care Physicians are caught in a no-win situation finding a way to provide more services in a market that wants to pay for value instead of units. PCPs, struggle to get paid for the value of what they really do to improve patient care. Transforming a practice into a value-based practice requires: Expertise, focus, a high tolerance for change, and capital. Most PCPs either transform, but don't get paid for it, and fail to prosper or they don't try and remain trapped in a business that is eroding from beneath them.

The AmpliPHY Solution
AmpliPHY has a solution to help PCP practices out of this bind. The AMPLIPHY PRACTICE MODEL™ creates a partnership with primary care led practices to prosper in a value-focused market. AmpliPHY will:

  • Relieve physicians of the administrative burden of the practice
  • Contract with payers on your behalf
  • Invest capital needed to seize market opportunities
  • Clinically integrate the practice with the medical neighborhood
  • Allow physicians to create a predictable compensation tied directly to work load
  • Increase physician incomes by 25% or more
  • Increase professional satisfaction, for physicians and staff
  • Allow physicians to adjust workloads that rebalance home and work obligations
  • Enable physicians to speed up/slow down to meet lifestyle demands
  • Eliminate the risks of overhead expenses, payer mix and other market place changes
  • Improve the quality of patient care
  • Enhance the Care Team / Patient relationship

AmpliPHY can work with you in a variety of ways to prosper in the current healthcare arena. The AmpliPHY Practice Model™ creates a partnership between AmpliPHY and the practice. The practice management expertise of AmpliPHY is joined with the clinical expertise of the physician practice. The AmpliPHY Practice Model™ is an employment model which leaves physicians in clinical control, but still allows physicians to earn on the expanding bottom line of "their" practice. The AmpliPHY Practice Model™ relieves a physician of the burden of having to divert focus from patient care to operate the practice. Hospitals cannot offer an arrangement like this and physician practices cannot seize these opportunities without a financial and management partner. We want to be your partner. Contact us today.